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Floors that are subject to high traffic or conditions that accelerate wear and tear can benefit from epoxy coatings that both improve the efficiency and durability/longevity of your floor. Arizona Epoxy Systems are experts in epoxy flooring and coating for almost any scenario whether it’s an auto garage, dealership, heavy manufacturing plant, static sensitive labs or breweries. We can bring any concrete floor back to life with our restoration and repair services and leave it looking pristine and seamless with one of our top of the line epoxy coatings.


Airport & Hanger Epoxy Coatings

Airport flooring, aircraft hangar floor coatings, aircraft hangar floor paint, airport floor manufacturers, helipad coatings, aircraft flooring or aviation flooring


Concrete Repair, Coatings, & Restoration

Arizona Epoxy is a licensed, bonded and insured concrete contracting company since 1996. We have years of experience in concrete construction for the commercial, and industrial.


Food & Beverage Overlays

Food and beverage manufacturing environments are exposed to a wide variety of corrosive by-products and contaminants such as fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and natural food acids that can wreak havoc on substandard flooring.


Hospital Flooring

Hospital floors see some of the most extreme wear and tear of any facility flooring. This being the case, it is very important for hospitals to maintain a sanitary environment along with a clean appearance because they deal with sensitive health situations.


Vapor/Moisture Mitigation Epoxy

We can assist your company with the following:   Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing, pH (alkalinity) Testing, relative humidity testing, moisture mitigation & pH stabilization systems application.


Automotive Epoxy Floor Coatings

From showroom floors to customer access ways, epoxy flooring in a facility can be a major factor in how much business and repeat business gets generated.


ESD Flooring Coatings

Having issues with static electricity at your facility? Electro-static dissipative flooring can help! Arizona Epoxy System has years of experience as a professional ESD flooring installer.


Heavy Manufacturing

Our looring solutions can handle the rigorous demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly lines, factories and any other place of heavy production. Arizona Epoxy Systems industrial floor coatings & systems cover all these areas and more.


Quartz Flooring

Quartz in your flooring will add aesthetic appeal along with enhanced durability and longevity. Arizona Epoxy Systems is a proud supplier of 3M quartz products and offers quartz flooring installation.

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