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Many manufacturing facilities necessitate industrial-strength flooring that can endure serious abuses from the heavy wear and tear abrasions, chemicals and oils can cause. Flooring in manufacturing facilities has to be tough, chemical-resistant and easy to clean. Arizona Epoxy Systems industrial floor coatings & systems cover all these areas and more. No matter what level and type of manufacturing facility, we have the durable concrete floor coatings and finishes to satisfy the requirements work area.

Our top of the line flooring solutions can handle the rigorous demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly lines, machine shops, factories and any other place of heavy production.

With quick-curing systems available that reduce minimal downtime, our manufacturing and industrial flooring line also offers:
  • Integral cove base and floors that slope to drain for quick wash-down

  • Reduced maintenance costs, no waxing or polishing required

  • Floors that help protect and reinforce the facility’s structural integrity

  • Outstanding resistance to acid, alkali, solvents and chemicals

  • Systems that can endure very heavy loads and impacts

  • Waterproof flooring options

  • Moisture tolerant options for wet processing facilities

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