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Arizona Epoxy Systems, LLC. is one of the largest concrete coatings installer. Founded by Steve Durgarian in 1996, Arizona Epoxy Systems is a leading installer of concrete resinous epoxy flooring in Arizona and epoxy flooring.

Some of the hi-performance flooring solutions we offer are: Epoxy coatings, Urethane coatings, concrete staining and concrete sealant installation for all different types of exposed concrete and for all different types of industrial and commercial uses across America.

AES Guarantees Superior Workmanship


Because we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, we don’t ever take your business for granted. We have earned our reputation and every one of our customer’s business through hard work, dedication to customer service and the belief that customer service comes first and foremost in any interaction. That means no hidden costs, no sudden change orders, and only scrupulous attention to details. With Arizona Epoxy Systems, you are always guaranteed superior workmanship, professional project management – delivered on time and on budget.

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