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Hospital Working Day

Hospital floors see some of the most extreme wear and tear of any facility flooring. Thousands of patients are constantly being wheeled and shuffled through the hallways and many various substances are spilled or emitted onto the floors constantly. This being the case, it is very important for hospitals to maintain a sanitary environment along with a clean appearance because they deal with sensitive health situations.

Health Code Compliant

There are strict requirements that must be abided by in order to be in line with health codes and every inch of flooring needs to be in line with these standards. Aside from the health code, patients need to be in a welcoming and pleasant environment. Positivity is as big a part of healing as anything else involved and keeping spirits high is much easier to do in a clean and aesthetically appealing environment.

Different areas of hospitals handle different medical scenarios and each scenario carries different requirements to be within the health code requirements. This is where the various floor coatings that AES supplies come into play. We have coatings to fit any and every need that a hospital may have.

Quality Without Exception

AES provides the absolute best balance of performance, durability and beauty. We can install or upgrade top quality flooring in any facility and we can design them to fit the exact desired specifications. With a wide range of visual styles and coating options, Arizona Epoxy Systems is guaranteed to be able to outfit your facility with the functional, attractive and practical floor that it deserves. Call us today at (480) 423-7390

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