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Having issues with static electricity at your facility? Electro-static dissipative flooring can help! Arizona Epoxy System has years of experience as a professional ESD flooring installer.

Arizona Epoxy Systems can satisfy a wide range of the electro-static discharge needs found in many sensitive facilities. Our line includes both ESD and conductive industrial concrete flooring options. These state-of-the-art resinous floor systems are designed to specifically demonstrate consistent ESD and conductive properties, over a period of time, in accordance with ESD Association guidelines. Our range of top end flooring and coatings offers much more than typical ESD tile or carpet.

Our static control epoxy flooring coating is a hygienic surface system that is seamless and easily cleaned and decontaminated. These durable finishes are highly resistant to chemicals, solvents and are also stain resistant. We also offer slip-resistance and the flooring won’t need waxing or special cleaners to maintain the floor’s ESD or conductive properties.

How Does Static Electricity
Get Into Our Facility?

Depending on the type of clothes we wear, our bodies can generate up to 30k volts of static electricity. The static shock is a result of an electron imbalance. This is a very small amount of electricity but even a small amount can be potentially dangerous when working around sensitive electronics or flammable gasses.

Does Static Resistant Vinyl
Flooring Work?

Some vinyl flooring types say they are static resistant but they do not remove the static electricity that is already built up. Only ESD flooring can drain the static energy from the room completely. If you are using vinyl flooring, there is still a chance that the electricity can arc and ignite flammable gasses and damage electronics. ESD floors or Electrostatic flooring facilities the flow of static electricity to the ground point.

Grunge Texture
EC Electrostatic Conductive

These types of coverings discharge electricity quicker than vinyl flooring. EC floor coatings are mainly used in environments that are less controlled. Although, can also be used in environments that are controlled like explosive manufacturing and assembly areas.

ESD Electrostatic Static Dissipative

These types of coverings are most used in environments that are controlled and are above 40% humidity. Areas of application include computer areas, operating theaters, and instrument control rooms.


Both types of ESD flooring are applied directly on cement subfloors. Concrete isn’t a great conductor of electricity, ESD coatings need to be applied while also using conductive adhesives that can drain the discharge to the ground. Copper or aluminum tape is applied underneath the floor covering and then taken to the ground point. 2 ground points are built just in case one of them ever fails. For wider areas there are multiple points ever 20 m2 or so. The ground points are simply copper or aluminum strips that are embedded in the adhesive and connected to the ground (usually a electrical box or pipe). If you do need your flooring sealed, there are conductive sealers that can be used if needed.

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