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Commercial Garage Epoxy Cost

Automotive dealerships or automotive repair shops need epoxy for many reasons. Epoxy can dramatically increase the appearance of your vehicle showroom floors and automotive shop floors.

Automotive facilities necessitate a clean and functional appearance, especially in auto dealerships that need the space to help sell and present vehicles to consumers. Your floor is essentially a frame for the vehicles being shown and can do a lot to enhance their appearance.  From showroom floors to customer access ways, epoxy flooring in a facility can be a major factor in how much business and repeat business gets generated. First impressions are immensely important and can realistically make or break the potential success of any business.

In 2021, epoxy garage floor average prices ranged from $750 to $6,000 for the US. Some other averages include $2.75 per square foot for a fair shape 600-800 square foot showroom floor totaling between $1,650-$2,200. $1.75 per square foot for a fair shape 10,000 square foot industrial floor totaling $10,000.

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